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Well Hello is that the twelfth chapter of Recreation as well as the 146th episode in general.

The episode starts in Valhalla in which Donut is active cleaning up Blue Base in anticipation of Simmons’ strategy to ruin it. He also doesn’t detect as a white armored soldier tactics behind himwho turns out to be The Meta. But as Donut wasn’t present during the events of Reconstruction, he doesn’t understand who he is and rather errors him for a Blue substitute soldier. Donut attempts to interact with it, but avoids being murdered by dumb luck. Simmons finally comes searching for his teammate but instantly runs off when he sees that the Meta has came.

Back in the desert, a number of C.T.’s guys encircle Caboose at gunpoint, accusing him of sabotaging vehicles. Caboose only responds that he was trying to find a house for Epsilon and if C.T.’s men grab a glimpse of their A.I. unit, they need to know what it is. Unexpectedly the temple door is opened; fire-fight fractures between C.T.’s guys along with an unidentified enemy. Grif tries to steer clear of the fire-fight by jumping from the Elephant, but neglects to do so. Finally Tucker emerges, wielding his power sword and calling for the Red and Blue Teammates to go into the temple.

Donut is running about cleaning the Blue Base, humming and singing to himself.

Donut: Man, Caboose sure can make a mess for only 1 individual. Although, I suppose he had been hoping to create another individual, which would make this type of wreck for just two individuals. I believe Caboose are a fantastic dad. I wonder if I need to have a child? I never actually thought I wanted . (Screen shows behind Donut, with somebody in white armor walking to the room and supporting Donut) But as I age, I begin to believe something is missing. Aw, I really hope I didn’t wait too long. I’ve been focused on my career and having a fantastic time, perhaps it’s too late for me! Oh good, now I sound like my mom!

Donut turns around and finds the individual behind him.

I didn’t know anybody was here in Blue Base.

This ‘s trendy. Don’t mind me, I’m simply keeping the foundation a small tidy.

Another still says nothing.

Donut: Yeah, a sterile foundation is a mortal foundation. This ‘s what Sarge consistently states. You’ll find a sarge above here I’m certain, however, he won’t be enjoy our Sarge; he’ll be Blue!

Display turns gradually, eventually showing the individual as The Meta, that growls at Donut.

Donut: Man, the remaining men will be so pleased to have somebody to fight.

Really like the accent. ( The Meta brings out a pistol and aims it in Donut’s head)

He gets up.

Donut: Aw, don’t stress friend! I checked their weapons. All great. However thanks for helpin’!

The Meta growls again, lays his pistol, and carries back his Brute Shot. Donut turns back around and tries to lift the entire body .

This item ‘s hefty! Maybe if I catch the legs.

Donut moves into both sides and obliviously averts the Meta’s attack, which handily knocks the entire body into the walls.

This was useful, thanks!

You will find engine noises emitting from beyond the base.

Can you hear this?

Have you been in there? Lopez constructed you a bike! ( The engine sounds cease. )

I’m within the Blue Base! Guess what? Blue Team obtained a brand new soldier!

They delivered a second team member? ( approaches the foundation ‘s entry ) Why do they do this? This doesn’t make any sense. ( finds the Meta inside ) OH, FUCK. ( quickly darts away ) Welcometotheneighborhood, seeyoulater!

Cuts into Sandtrap. Grif and Sarge have been arranged by C.T..

Don’t manager !

They arrive by Caboose, who’s surrounded by C.T.’s soldiers.

What’s happening up here?

I understood it! Who sent you ? What do they know about people?

Why do you keep messing with vehicles!?

Yeah, I was only looking for a house for Epsilon. No biggie.

What’s that thing?

Smith glances about, confused.

Dammit! Have you been !?

C.T.: Aw, crap! Get down there! Kill them if you need don and to ‘t allow this door shut again regardless of what occurs!

The aliens and soldiers dash out to the temple. Grif and Sarge go the opposite direction behind the Elephant.

Grif: Let’s get the fuck out of this!

A few of the soldiers and aliens start to fall.

Smith requires a turret. Caboose strategies the Elephant. Grif sneaks atop it.

C.T.: Over there!! ( runs in following his troops )

Grif: Hahaa, watch ya, suckers! You simply got yoinked!

Smith, on the turret, starts to take. Cut back into Grif.

Grif: ‘the fuck would you push this thing?? Why are there only four levers when you can find just six instructions!? Where the fuck is next gear?

The Elephant starts to movecutting in front of Smith. Sarge is trailing behind the Elephant.

Sarge: Grif! Should you have to run away at the center of conflict, at least have the decency to drive faster than I could run!

Grif: Is your emergency break ? I don’t find — ( backs from these controllers; whips gun out ) Man, fuck this, this is dumb!

Smith proceeds to take. Among C.T.’s soldiers yells out, "Get down! " as a aqua-colored blur rushes passed them. Grenades are pitched. Another soldier forcing a Mongoose crashes. The driver hops from the Mongoose.

He heads towards the chaos from his crashed automobile, simply to receive a grenade tossed into his mind. Another grenade lands on Smith, which explodes and sends him flying. C.T. is firing from behind a wall .

Cuts into Caboose, Sarge, and Grif fleeing the scene. They finally stop and are greeted with the attacking soldier at aqua — Tucker.

Tucker: Hey guys! Run to your temple! I’ll pay you, rush!

Caboose: Oh–myTucker!! Is that you!?

Tucker: Yeah, obviously it’s me! Now move !

Another three don’t proceed.

Caboose: casually So. Where are you?

An explosion goes off neighboring Tucker.

Tucker: What is that, some sort of fucking reunion!? Move your buttocks, idiots! I’ll meet you there!

Tucker backs up and leaves the scene. Caboose, Sarge, and Grif eventually proceed.

Sarge: What in Sam Hell was that?

During the scene in which Grif tries to escape from the Elephant, he says " Why are there only four pedals when there are just six instructions? " This is really a reference to the Six Pedalsrunning gag, where in Season 1 if Caboose first pushes Sheila, he inquires " Why are there six pedals when there are only four directions? " In Grifball: Expansion 3, the s Video Edit.

Well Hello – Chapter 12 – Red vs. Blue Season 7.

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